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A lot of people end up dealing with nose hair, and while it may not be the pleasantest topic, it’s better addressed head-on.

Keeping your nose hair under control is a great way to make yourself look better, but it’s pretty challenging to do. Both razors and scissors are dangerous, and electric trimmers can be a problem too.

It’s therefore best to use a dedicated manual nose hair trimmer, as this reduces the risk of you injuring yourself, and makes it much easier to keep your nose hair under control.  

We’re going to compare the best nose hair trimmer options so you know which one is for you!

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Panasonic Nose Hair Trimmer

Price: $44.99


Compact, slim design

Pain free clipping


Doesn’t Last

Poor Design

Breaks apart easily

Plethora of negative reviews

Difficult to cut hair

Highly Overpriced


Philips Norelco Multigroomer

Price: $49.96



23 Piece Grooming Kit


Heads come off easily

Not great at cutting hair

Difficult to turn on

Needs batteries

Expensive product


Manscaped Nose Trimmer

Price: $34.95


Stylish appearance

Simple operation  


Takes more time to trim hair

Doesn’t trim hair

Doesn’t have enough power

Blades worn out easily




Price: $14.99


Nice Design


Does not trim properly

Short Battery Life




Nose Wax Kit

Price: $15.73



No batteries  



Cheap and dangerous

You need to keep buying the kits

Risk of infection

Messy to use

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Why Is SwissKlip Nose Hair Trimmer The Best Option?

The SwissKlip is the best nose hair trimmer option for a whole range of reasons, but the biggest advantages are that the tool doesn’t need power, and it works extremely well with no risk of damaging your skin.  

That means it’s ideal for nose hair removal, because it will quickly get rid of unwanted hairs.

You can see from the comparisons above just how much better the SwissKlip Nose Hair Trimmer is for nose hair removal.

Unlike many of the other nose hair trimmers on the market, the SwissKlip doesn’t need batteries, and it’s made of a high quality stainless steel.

Because of the high quality metal used for the SwissKlip Nose Trimmer, it should last for years.

This is a further advantage of it not requiring electricity; you don’t need to worry about the charger, getting the batteries wet, or any wires breaking or corroding. It’s therefore ideal for use in bathrooms and other humid environments.

Furthermore, this nose hair trimmer is gentle and easy to use, putting it way ahead of the competition.

Because the blades are contained inside the trimmer, there is no risk of cutting your skin, but it can still have sharp blades – meaning you won’t have trouble cutting the actual hairs.

Many other nose hair trimmers struggle with finding a balance between safety and cutting efficiency, because the blades are exposed.

By keeping the blades contained, the SwissKlip Nose Hair Trimmer can utilize a sharp cutting edge that makes it significantly more effective.

My First Thoughts 

The first thing you notice and admire about the SwissKlip Nose Hair Trimmer is its size. It’s beautifully compact, meaning you can travel with it easily. Being plain stainless steel, it looks very shiny and attractive, and it’s got a satisfyingly tidy look.

I also like that it doesn’t come with a whole pile of accessories. There’s just one little brush that you can use to push the hairs out of the trimmer. That means it’s easy to keep it clean, but you don’t have to keep track of a whole pile of little bits and pieces.

SwissKlip Nose Hair Trimmer Benefits

Perhaps the biggest benefit of the SwissKlip is that it doesn’t hurt at all. Many nose hair trimmers rely on grabbing the hair and pulling it taut to cut it, but the SwissKlip Nose Hair Trimmer simply cuts through the hairs without holding them in place. The cone of the trimmer just guides the hairs into the blade.

This makes it far less painful to use than some competing products, especially the wax removal kit. It’s significantly faster and easier, too, because you don’t have to mess around with finding a charger, you don’t have to heat and cool wax, and you don’t have a huge amount of cleanup to do afterward.

You simply slip the clipper into your nose, trim the hairs, and then rinse it off and pat it dry. You can also use the brush to get hairs out from the inside if you need to. The clipper is super easy to use, because there’s no risk of hurting yourself, so it may speed up your morning grooming routine, too.

You can even use it when you’re groggy and unfocused, without risking hurting yourself.

The other big benefit of this clipper is its quality. If you buy an electric clipper and something goes wrong, you’ll have to replace the whole thing.

The SwissKlip doesn’t carry this risk, as it’s not electric and there’s really nothing to go wrong.

Testing the Swissklip Nose Hair Trimmer

The Swissklip Trimmer does remove hairs from your nose, by capturing them in its barrel and slicing through them with its thick, sharp steel blades. It will effectively remove hair from your nose, giving you a tidier overall appearance.

It doesn’t work on other hair, because of its shape, but for its specific purpose, it’s the best nose hair trimmer out there.  

Final Verdict  

A nose hair trimmer is an essential piece of grooming equipment for many individuals, and the SwissKlip Nose Hair Trimmer is one of the best options on the market for all the reasons we have explored about.

But Wait – There’s A Problem!  

If you’re in need of nose hair removal, you need to be quick – because the stock is getting low!

If you want a SwissKlip Trimmer, you need to be quick and grab one fast, or you’ll miss out. Don’t end up stuck with one of those worse versions; get your SwissKlip now.

How Do You Order?

To order your very own trimmer, head to the SwissKlip website, learn more about the product, click on the big orange button, select how many you want, and done!. You can then input the information it requests, including your shipping address and billing information, and pay for your product! The delivery is super fast (it took 2 days for me to receive it at my door)!

How Much Does It Cost?

The SwissKlip Nose Hair Trimmer only costs $24.99, which is an incredibly low price considering the quality of this product. When you compare that to the cost of an electric trimmer or single-use wax kits, it’s not a difficult choice to make!

How Can It Be So Affordable?

One of the reasons that this trimmer is so affordable is that it doesn’t use batteries or a charger, so the manufacturing costs are much lower.

Why Is It Discounted Right Now?

This trimmer is currently only $24.99, as opposed to $49.99, because the company wants to get the word out about this amazing product as soon as possible.

The more customers try it, the faster the word of mouth will spread!

No more painful hair removal experience! Get Your Swissklip Nose Hair Trimmer Today!


As of Thursday, July 11 you can still get SwissKlip Nose Hair Trimmer for 50% OFF!

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Still not sure about buying a Swissklip Nose Hair Trimmer? Check out these awesome online reviews from real customers!


I bought one for me and one for my hubby. We love it. Very easy to use. Insert into your nose, squeeze it and you’re done. No itching, tearing up or sneezing.Highly recommended..1000 stars


Stephanie I. - South Portland, ME


I’ve tried all kinds of trimmers, scissors etc. Never had something so easy to use yet so effective at trimming hair.


Tom B. - Darien, CT

Great nose hair trimmer

The SwissKlip nose hair trimmer is easy to use and it does a great job of clearing hair from my nostrils. I like the fact that it is mechanically powered and does not need an electrical source to operate. When camping, that is a big deal!


TKat - Houston, TX


Works very well, easy to clean, very well designed.


Stan L. - Northumberland, PA

"Super Trimmer"

very well made tool, easy to use.


Jack p. - Santa Rosa, CA


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