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Are your teeth becoming more yellowish or darker? Plaque and Tartar can be the reason. Plaque and Tartar buildup makes your teeth become visibly yellow or brown in color.

It’s something everyone suffers from, and unfortunately, if you don’t get rid of plaque on time, it will harden into tartar, which needs to be removed by expensive and painful visits to the dentist.

However, with the help of a good quality Tooth Cleaner, plaque and tartar can be safely removed at home, and this will save you money, stress and your smile!

It will also prevent various dental issues, such as gingivitis, cavities, bad breath, etc. Good dental hygiene is critical for avoiding pain and decay in your mouth.

And an ultrasonic tooth cleaner can be the answer to prevent all this!

In this article, we will compare and contrast several different teeth cleaner products to help you make an informed decision. From at-home kits to professional treatments, we've got you covered.

We worked closely with renowned dentists and hygienists professionals, including Dr. Laurel Gans, a general dentist and writer. Dr. Gans' extensive knowledge and insights have played a crucial role in shaping our research and comparison content.

Dr Laurel Gans, DDS, is a Dentistry Practitioner and Writer.

Explore below the review of the Top 6 Plaque Removal Tools, and a compiled a list of the pros and cons.

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Key Features

#1 BEST IN 2024

SwissKlip Plaque Blaster

Price: $49.99  $99.98 


Effective Plaque Removal: Easily and effortlessly removes tough plaque and tartar buildup, addressing a common concern for many individuals. Recommended by Dentists: Only option from the list with Dentist Recommendation badge, adding credibility and trust to the product's effectiveness. Dentist Quality Cleaning from home: Made from premium materials typically only found in industrial devices.   Promotes Gum Health: Effectively eliminates bacteria under the gums, contributing to overall oral health and reducing the risk of gum issues. Convenient and Immediate Results: Provides quick and visible results without the need for extensive effort, enhancing convenience. Gentle Care: 5 different levels of sonic vibrations, including gentle options, ensure a comfortable experience even for those with sensitive gums. Travel-Friendly: Compact and rechargeable waterproof design makes it perfect for maintaining oral hygiene routines anywhere you go.   Cost-Effective: Saves significant amounts of money on potentially expensive dental treatments in the long run.   Limited-Time Deals that can give customers up to 68% OFF   Money-Back Guarantee: Comes with a 14-day money-back guarantee, providing a risk-free opportunity to try the product.  


Limited inventory - only available online. Learning Curve: Some users might require a short adjustment period to familiarize themselves with the device and settings. Recharge Time: The need for recharging might interrupt usage if not planned properly (though this is common for electronic devices).

18,365 Customers Already Bought During this Sale!


This is our top pick and is the best choice for the money you’ll spend!


SonoShine Teeth Cleaner

Price: $59.95


High frequency vibration

Has USB charging port for easy recharge


More Expensive than #1!

Doesn’t remove Plaque

Poor low quality materials

Bad reviews on TrustPilot

Customers claim not receiving product


Waterpik Water Flosser

Price: $127.32


Removes some plaque

Leaves your mouth feeling fresh


Almost 3 Times More Expensive than #1!

Not good for removing Hardened Tartar

Needs to be filled with water

Not Portable, Complicated to use

Only around 60 seconds of operation time



Price: $19.95


Traditional flossing benefits combined with baking soda for stain and plaque removal.

Easy to incorporate to your daily routine as the traditional flossing is a common habit.

Teeth and Gum Protection: Flossing helps maintain gum health and prevents issues related to plaque buildup, promoting overall oral well-being.


Manual Process: Unlike electronic devices such as the Plaque Blaster, it requires manual effort and technique to achieve effective results.

Limited Plaque Removal: Traditional flossing might not effectively remove tougher plaque and tartar buildup.

Time and Technique: Proper flossing technique can be time-consuming and requires consistency to see visible whitening results.

Pricey for a non-tech alternative



Price: $49.99


USB Rechargeable

Different Frequency Options Available


Not too many real reviews available

Battery does not last too long



Price: $49.99


Low Noise

3 Different Speed Options Available  


Users report tooth pain

Mixed customers reviews

Not good for hardened plaque

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Why Is SwissKlip Plaque Blaster The Best Plaque Remover?  


SwissKlip Plaque Blaster safely, reliably, and efficiently removes plaque and stains from your teeth, reducing the need to visit the dentist for plaque and tartar removal.  

After looking at several different ultrasonic tooth cleaners, the SwissKlip has retained its top position because it is excellent at lifting stains off the teeth and it cleans in a way that is safe and effective.

You will know that it’s reducing bacteria and preventing halitosis, as well as a range of dental issues, when you use this ultrasonic scaler.

Remember that staying on top of plaque can make a huge difference to how your mouth looks and feels, and it can save you costly trips to the dentist. The ultrasonic scaler is also totally safe to use on crowns and implants (not metal implants), as well as bridges. You can start by using it in its gentle mode, so you have time to get used to how it works.

Once you are comfortable and happy, pick one of the other 5 cleaning modes offered by this plaque blaster and work your way up from there.

As you get more adept at handling your ultrasonic scaler, it should leave your teeth looking fresh, clean, and shiny.

It should also make them feel better, and can reduce the risk of tooth decay.

My First Thoughts

Upon unwrapping the box, I was delighted by the size and weight of the product. It stands nicely on the sink, and it doesn’t take up an undue amount of room on an already cluttered surface, which is an instant win.

Plaque Blaster Benefits

Cavities happen if you don’t clean bacteria out of your mouth – but that’s exactly what this tool will help you to do, especially in difficult-to-reach areas. This could save you from expensive trips to the dentist; nobody wants to find they need fillings, or worse, to wind up with toothache just as the weekend starts! There are few bigger discomforts than tooth pain.

This plaque remover can be used by anyone, and it works by these ultrasonic waves that gently vibrate at an extremely high speed, like a ‘mini jackhammer’ but way faster and in a very safe way for your teeth.

This unique ultrasonic technology from the Plaque Blaster allows the tool to vibrate at an exact frequency of 42khz. Its vibrations are so powerful that the surgical steel tip disrupts the biofilm matrix which breaks down plaque and tartar while gently removing the bad bacteria, all while being perfectly safe for your teeth.

It’s so easy to use, and the results are incredible

You don’t need to rely on any chemicals with this ultrasonic scaler, and it’s efficient and comfortable. It will also decrease your risk of gum disease, because it removes bacteria below the gum line as well as plaque on the teeth.

Additionally, it’s easy to look after, as you can simply wash the metal head with tap water when you’ve finished, and your ultrasonic tooth cleaner will be ready to go again as soon as it’s dry!

It comes with a simple USB charger, meaning you can use it anywhere, and it will quickly become part of your everyday dental routine, especially if you’re a stickler for hygiene. Wherever you are, this plaque blaster is your best friend for keeping your mouth looking fantastic.

Swissklip Plaque Blaster Under Test

It does lift stains from around the teeth, leaving them feeling cleaner and fresher overall, and it’s got hundreds of positive reviews to attest to its effectiveness!

The SwissKlip Plaque Blaster will take care of built-up bacteria and it’s both easy and safe to use, even if you don’t initially feel very confident.

Start it off in a gentle mode while you get used to it, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how gentle it is, and its quality!

Recommended by Renowned Dentists like Dr Laurel Gans

Swissklip Plaque Blaster is recommended by renowned Dentists, like Dr. Laurel Gans, dentistry practitioner in Cleveland, OH, who stressed the importance of taking care of your plaque before it develops into a serious health problem – and how this device is a gamechanger for her patients:

An unhealthy mouth has been linked with systemic disorders such as heart disease. Disease prevention is by far the best way to keep your teeth and gums healthy, that’s why I recommend the Swissklip Plaque Blaster."

Plus, it’s great for people with sensitive teeth, including seniors, and high risk patients. “With the Plaque Blaster’s gentle sonic vibrations and five unique settings, you can comfortably clean even the most sensitive teeth.”

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a fantastic ultrasonic tooth cleaner, hands down this is the Best Option for you!

But Look Out!  

I need to warn you that stock is low, so head over to the website and order now! If you aren’t quick, you might miss your chance to get this amazing ultrasonic tooth cleaner tool, and end up with one of the lower quality alternatives.

How to Order?

Simply go to the official SwissKlip website, click the big green button to unlock up to 68% OFF. Choose your quantity, place your order, and wait for your new Plaque Blaster to be quickly delivered to your door (make sure you check their unbelievable bundles discounts).

From there, follow the instructions on the screen and submit your shipping information to get yours today.

How Much Does It Cost?

The swissklip's regular price for this device is $99.99, but you can grab this ultrasonic tooth cleaner at 50% OFF, forjust $49.99, far lower than many other options on the market!
Plus, they have a limited-time offer for bundles, and 1 plaque blaster can get as low as $32.99.
It’s super affordable and you’ll be sorry if you miss out, so buy now!

How Can It Be So Affordable?

This product is affordable because the company has so much confidence in its ability to stand out from the crowd, and they want to share dental hygiene with everybody.

Why Is It Discounted Right Now?

Plaque Blaster is so superior, the company wants to ensure that as many people as possible handle it so that they can get the word out. They’ve therefore kept the price low to maximize sales and increase the buzz around this product – which seems to be working!


As of Thursday, July 11 , 2022 you can still get SwissKlip Plaque Blaster for 50% OFF!

Fast Shipping from the US
Safe Transactions
14-Days Money Back Guarantee

SwissKlip Plaque Blaster Reviews

Still not sure about ordering your new Plaque Blaster? We separated some awesome online reviews below to help you make your decision:

" Plaque Blaster "

"I was cautious at the beginning and used it on the low setting only. Now I am more confident and I really like it. It works. I know there is lots of warnings on YouTube against it , and they are from dental hygienists and others. You are not going to damage your gums, because , of course you have to be careful just like anything else, don’t touch gums. It’s not that strong, you can control it easily. I love it and I recommend it to everyone!! "


Zdenka P. - San Bruno, CA

"Plaque remover that actually works!"

"I can't thank you enough for developing a good working product that absolutely delivers. I have been looking for such a tool to clean plaque from my teeth and this hits the mark...thanks again, Kim "


kim s.

"Great Results!"

"I was skeptical about it really working. I had heavy plaque on bottom front teeth and to my delight the Plaque Blaster removed it all! Extremely happy with it! "


Phyllis S. - Ashburn, VA

"Great product"

"I hadn’t been to the dentist for about two years due to the pandemic. I was really nervous about the usual lecture for the dentist about taking better care of my teeth and the subsequent self conscious downward slope that would ensue. I saw an ad on my FB page about the Plaque Blaster and went all in. It arrived two days before my dentist appointment and I went to work cleaning my teeth. My dentist could not believe how good my teeth looked and was quickest appointment I’ve ever had. I came home raving about your product and bought 5 more other members of my family! Definitely worth the purchase! Life changing is not a stretch for my situation. I have renewed dental confidence. "


Gibson P. - Alpharetta, GA

"Plaque Blaster * You Gotta Get One!"

"This device is gentle and does the job eliminating my plaque. It’s very therapeutic as well. I have yet to go to my dentist, but I’m looking forward to my next visit. "


RENAIE H - Harlingen, TX


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